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FHM 2008 Top 100 Fever

Posted by inzomaniac on June 19, 2008

who between the two is your bet to make it to the top???

Name: Angel Locsin                                             Name: Marian Rivera
Nickname: Angel                                                  Nickname: Yan-yan
Birthday: April 23, 1985                                       Birthday: August 12
Birth Place: Bulacan Birth                                      Place: Madrid, Spain

Angel Locsin – October 2005 (FHM Interview)

Marian Rivera – Website

the announcement for Philippines’ 100 Sexiest is one of the most awaited events here in the Philippines… months before the event, it already made a stir in the country.. a lot of gossips and assumptions were created if who will be bagging home the title of being the sexiest in the philippines…

right now, what we can do is vote and root for who we think best fit for the title… no need to argue for it will just create chaos and misunderstandings…

and remember: respect the decision of the majority…


6 Responses to “FHM 2008 Top 100 Fever”

  1. Jim said

    Hindi ko type si Marian puro pekas ang mukha,fake ang beauty nya and hindi din ganun kaganda ang katawan.Even the attitude, ang pangit talaga…Angel is better than her.

  2. ate marian ha peram ha ako ng pera 9000 pls utang lang bayaran ko nalang sa pasko ha pls!!!!!!!

  3. hi poh pls pa idol poh you are you maniak are you kasi sigarilyo and umiinom you ng BeAr♥♥♥♥♥

  4. anna said

    : You can use these tags:

    ms gs2 q c angel pro it doesn't mean n ayw q ky marian ha?..gs2 q cla preho kc preho clang mganda at sexy,kso c marian,ang pangit ng ugale..c angel kht ckat n ckat xa..hnd lumalaki ang ulo nya d kgya ni marian! sayang k ateng!!!!....

  5. bamvi said

    syempre young superstar for all season ms. angel locsin!!!

  6. yhen said

    i want angel locsin.. for me shes perfect!
    i like her in and out..for me shes the best!

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