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Posted by inzomaniac on June 22, 2008

these past few months, i’ve been living my life like a bum… not until recently where i was able to find myself a job… somehow i found a way to consume 8 hours of my day constructively…

and for those boring months, my only way to keep myself busy was to watch movies and series online… there’s this site that always surfers to watch movies and series online… it may sound boring and corny because the movies they feature are korean, japanese, taiwanese and other asian movies… but i guess, i was wrong.. i did enjoy watching those movies… somehow, the storylines are unique and very interesting…

i just want to share these movies… maybe you’ll get to appreciate it to… you can click on this link to view the complete list… maybe you would also wish to bookmark the page… CLICK HERE

i would recommend the following movies that i really enjoyed a lot..

100 Days With Mr Arrogant

200 Pounds Beauty

A Millionaire’s First Love

A Moment To Remember

A Wolf’s Temptation


He Was Cool

Il Mare

Jenny, Juno

Love So Divine

Marrying The Mafia 1

My Boyfriend Is Type B

My Sassy Girl

My Tutor Friend

My Wife Is A Gangster

Seducing Mr. Perfect

The Art Of Seduction

The Classic

Too Beautiful to Lie



Death Note

Death Note: The Last Name

Kung Fu Dunk


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