InZoMaNIaC dOt cOm

my untwisted mind

missing school

Posted by inzomaniac on July 2, 2008

A child in its mother’s womb
is the highest form of all the arts.
No painter could paint,
any thing better than that.
No poet could write
any poem better than that.
No actor could perform
any scene better than that.
No singer could sing
any song better than that.
And the moment, the child
steps into this Earth, a
masterpiece will be born
and infront of this child
mediocre will be the works of art.


3 Responses to “missing school”

  1. blogfixes said


  2. inzomaniac said

    nindot sah??


    buhat pud ta ing-ato sa wave 9… hehehe

  3. blogfixes said

    uu.. c borgie mag edit.. wahihi

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