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PNLE Review

Make an outline of the things you need to study.
Make a study guide for each concept you are about to read.
After reading, make a summary of the things you’ve understood.
Always read the bulleted part of chapter, sometimes the VERY IMPORTANT ONES are written last.




Book 1 – Nursing Licensure Exam (Practice)

Book 2 – Nursing Licensure Exam (Practice)

Book 3 – Nursing Licensure Exam (Practice)

Book 4 – Nursing Licensure Exam (Practice)

Book 5 – Nursing Licensure Exam (Practice)

Maternal-Child Nursing

Medical-Surgical and Fundamentals

Psychiatric Nursing


One Response to “PNLE Review”

  1. Frances Young said

    Its a very helpful website you got here. God bless.
    Please send me the answers to the practice tests. Thanks!

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